When you subscribe you have instant access to the latest product releases and enhancements. Choose your product at right. Novapoint uses AutoCAD as its CAD-platform. In order to get access to the downloaded software, you need a licence file. Please contact order.no@trimble.com for a license.

Quadri 3.0.FP4f

To get the authorization code for Quadri 3.0 (new installations only), please contact us and send a mail to: order.no@trimble.com

Do you design your projects using Novapoint and wish for model-based collaboration in the cloud with Quadri – continue reading:

Quadri «private cloud» is now available to install on a server in your organization. In order to use the Quadri 3.0 server, you must have Novapoint 20.XX.FP6c to as a client application to run against Quadri 2.0 models, and Novapoint 21 to as a client application to run against Quadri 3.0 models. That now are on same server.

See release notes for info on how to migrate a Quadri 2.0 model to 3.0.